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Note: Supra eKeys are issued to approved HOME INSPECTORS who have met GACAR's Member requirements.  Additional paperwork is also required for Home Inspectors to obtain Supra access. Those who wish to obtain a Supra eKey, please contact GACAR directly for Supra activation/information.

Business Partner Primary Fee: 
Includes $100  Application Fee
Business Partner Primary Fee: Includes $100  Application FeeBusiness Partner Primary Fee:
Includes $100  Application Fee
Business Partner Primary Fee: Includes $100  Application Fee





     (Renewal $200)

   $200 + $100 = $300

$150 + $100 = $250

$100 + $100 = $200

$200 + $100 = $300

*All Secondary Business Partner Members = $50 to Join and $50 Annually.

* If you have additional employees to add as Secondary Members, PLEASE add them to your application. Your final invoice will include: $100 application fee, Business Partner fee (prorated) and dues for any additional Secondary Members. 

Those interested in joining in Oct-Nov-Dec will be subject to a $200 Renewal plus any Secondary Members you add for the coming year.  Member Renewals are due by December 1st. 

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Any Non-Real Estate professional associated directly with the field of Real Estate and its function. 

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